My Wusthof Classic Chef Knife Needed A Younger Brother

Wusthof Kitchen Knife - 16 cm Model 4138-16 - PhotoIt has been some time since I bought my first Wusthof Knife and I realized I needed a smaller knife to take care of the minor cutting tasks in my kitchen. I was looking for a good utility knife when I came across the Wusthof Classic 4 1/2 inch utility knife.

Quality Kitchen Knives Are The Way To Go

When I first decided on this knife it was after a mental back and forth especially after I saw the price. I remember paying something close to that for the chef knife but that was well spent money. The Wusthof classic chef knife is amazing. Anyway, I needed quality over quantity so I picked the the 4 1/2″ inched utility knife.

Why Did I Need This Utility Knife ?

Compared to my chef knife the 8″ inch tyrant, the 4 and 1/2 inch utility knife works great with small, intricate and delicate cutting like on fruits, garnishes and smaller ingredients.  It wouldn’t be very smart to use an axe to chop a twig would it.

Hands On With The Wusthof Classic Utility Knife

The first thing you notice is how great they feel in your hand, it’s like they were perfectly crafted to automatically match your grip, and no it is not just me that notices every time someone else holds it they comment on this too.

Wusthof Knives Are Sharp And Stay Sharp

The second thing I noticed was the blades sharpness it has been, three months now using these knives almost on a daily basis and they are still crisp sharp as they were when I first bought them.
Meal preparation has been something I enjoy doing and my belief is that the best tools get the job done more effectively.

For me, that is what the Wusthof classic knives are doing so far and they are definitely a good buy.